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“From finding oneself to finding the city –

an individual in harmony with the city which is not happy with itself.”


A meditation and awareness course by yoga teacher

Jacomo Fritsche inside the exhibition space


Date // Sunday, August 17th, 2014,

        // 12am - 3pm (incl. pause)

Venue // Per Aspera e.V.

               former silent cinema Delphi,

               Gustav-Adolf Straße 2, 13086 Berlin

Number of participants // max. 20, all ages


Fee // 10 Euros

Registration // avd@berl-in-out.de till Saturday, August 16th, 2014.

No previous experience required, and you don't need to bring your yoga mat either.


Jacomo Fritzsche on his work:

“To me, awareness and meditation mean living my life consciously and openly. It is not just a pastime but a certain attitude towards life, which can be cultivated on a meditation pillow as well as on the U-Bahn. In my experience, it is possible to have influence on how happy one feels through the decisions made and your own mindset."


For more information visit http://www.ages-berlin.de
and http://www.yfdberlin.com/yoga-lehrer-in-berlin/meditations-lehrer-jacomo-fritzsche/