Art van Demon//Berlin a project group founded in February 2013 which engages in various experimental cultural projects and is open to anyone interested. The aim is to offer a way to gain practical experience and thus broaden educational qualification, whilst artistic and cultural projects challenging established beliefs come into life. The outcome is made available to the general public and hopes to enhance the city's cultural offerings. Our concern is to take up and convey relevant themes, and in doing so we follow our parental organization Art van Demon e.V. founded in 2007 in Heidelberg.


The upcoming project draws from the Art van Demon//Berlin's pilot project "HEIMGESUCHT" which took place in September 2013 in the Willner-Brauerei-Berlin.

1) "Gegenwart" by Julie Legouez; 2) "It Was At Westbeth", by Lily Baldwin; 3) Audience in WBB, at Vernissage HEIMGESUCHT, ground floor, pillar room; 4) Screening at Vernissage HEIMGESUCHT,  "A Juice Box Afternoon", by Lily Baldwin;5) Audience in WBB, at Vernissage HEIMGESUCHT, first floor; 6) Pascall Reinhardt, "Three Emotions"; 7) Rebecca Foltin, selected works from the series  "Mustache"; 8) Stephanie Custance, "Portraits of a Woman"; 9) Ornella Fierres, "Interferenz"; 10) Friederike Pilz, Arbeit aus der Serie "I fell at home whenever the unknown surrounds me"; 11) Lily Baldwin, "Its A Soirée"; 12) Satomi Edo, "Pond" 2013;