Marisa Akeny (Dance performance)

Jakob Michael Birn (Architecture installation)

Alex Bodea (Drawing / Installation)

Julia Bulik (Painting)

SA Custance (Painting / Drawing)

Clara Escalera (Painting)

André Kirchner (Photography)

Jorgos Loukakos (Video)

Franziska Judith Paul (Photography/ Sound installation)

Jenerator Paulsen (Painting / Photography / Installation)


Foto: Marisa Akeny as dancer and choreographer with Kiezcouture "golden middle", 2011 


Marisa Akeny


The aritst is mainly driven by two impulses she combines in her work, her social ambitions and her love of dance and performance.

Marisa Akeny is specialized on popping and break dance. She is a professionally trained and state approved Caregiver and worked for years with socially disadvantaged children and youngsters. In her workshops she happily shares her experiences and knowledge.

In 2008 she co-founded (as dancer and choreographer) the berlin-based music group LAING () which performs regularly throughout Germany. Since 2009 she collaborates frequently with numerous artists, conceptualizing choreographies for public shows, performing by herself and dances in music videos.

From 2008-2010 she co-founded the three-women break dance crew "B*berlin".

In 2010 she realized a 5-months long girls project, in cooperation with choreographer Stella Caric, resulting in a 40 minutes dance-theater-show, performed at TAK, at YAAM and in Haus der Kulturen der Welt at the "Festiwalla".


For more information on upcoming performances:   LAING ()


Foto: S.A. Custance, Wheat Grafiti "goldgekippt", 2013


S.A. Custance


S.A. Custance came to Berlin in 2008, after completing a Bachelor of Fine Art at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Since then she lives and works in Berlin and engages in its artistic and cultural live.

Since 2004 she participates in numerous group and solo exhibitions. In September 2013 she participated in Art van Demon // Berlin´s first project at WBB, with the title HEIMGESUCHT (see Foto above).


For contact and more information please visit:


Foto: Installation, "chronology", 2012


Michael Ebert


The artists has roots both in Germany and France.

From 2001 till 2005 he studied audiovisual art at Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. He started out working on sound installations as live performances and video art in combination. With time he engaged more in sculptural installations on which he focuses for now. His work deals with poetic reduction and minimization to reveal the essentials.

Since 2007 he collaborates with his brother Axel Ebert, forming the group "the ebertbrothers". In a live setting, together they are producing experimental, electric sound pieces, while adding carefully collected visual material, presented as audio-visual-performance.


For contact and more information please visit:


Foto: André Kirchner, "ghost ship", digital photography, 2013


André Kirchner


The artists studied film and photography at Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach am Main. He participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions. His imagery is deeply affected by nature and curiosity. To open up a space for the experimental mind: at once playful, then analytic, then bizarre and then contemplative.

He lives and works in Berlin since 2013.


For contact and more information please visit: