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The Exhibition BERL - IN/OUT?

August, 13th - August, 17th 2014


This page is informing about the project "BERL-IN/OUT?". The complexitiy of the topic is so overwhelming that we consider to continue with the project after the exhibition in August.



// About the topic of the exhibition //


The exhibition will address the debates taken up by various press commentaries, blogs and critics worldwide.

After years of being regarded as the “in” place to be, Berlin has now been declared “out”, meaning it is no longer considered to be cool.

Rolling Stone featured an article on Berghain to this effect, to which the blog Gawker asks if “Berlin is over”, then “what's next”? It is strange how these verdicts from abroad, passed by various media sources, have arrived at the same time...and arguably late. It is also interesting how Berliners, including the city's numerous artists and cultural managers, react to this news. They seem to be relieved, if not amused, like for example the Deutsche Welle author Lavinia Pitu, and criticism like "finding berlin". For a long time there has been the feeling that Berlin's reputation for being cool has come from the outside, without asking the people who actually live in the city what they have to say about it. What is also worth noting is the corresponding cultural shift where city quarters outside the centre (which is still subject to external focus) are getting more and more internal recognition. An example of such a quarter is the area north of Wisbyer street, making it the perfect place to ask BERL – IN / OUT?

The exhibition shall be accompanied by workshops, discussion panels and lectures. The project will be further developed in collaboration with institutions based in that particular area of Berlin.

The artistic and discursive outcomes of the project will be documented and archived so that they might possibly evolve into subsequent projects in 2015 and 2016.